Poetography: Rhymes in my silent musings

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Life and Lines (Tacloban City. 08-27-14)

Life is not a straight-line journey

But a rumble of all elements in geometry

Run around circles: back to square one

Never perpendicular: doomed, you’re done

In the jagged hi-ways of tussle

Gotta be shrewd as you scuttle

Learn from the heat of rough ledge

To deserve the cream of cutting-edge. ___

This was published on my Instagram gallery last year.

https://instagram.com/p/sMrW6ZDmGz/?taken-by=popiocodes _________________________ IMG_6296 Of Yuppy’s Quarter Life

(Manila. 04-16-14)

Fall on the summer’s trap

Spring of the winter’s wrath

Life’s a willed weathered surprise

You choose, whether sweet or sour prize

_________________________ IMG_4390

Dear Devil

(Zambales. 05-03-14)

Dear Devil, Daredevil.

Let the trouble bother itself when you hop.

No second thoughts.

No silly advise sought.

Just plunge for total purge.


Summer Solstice

(Ilocos Norte. 06-23-14)

Summer’s a love and hate.

Flirt w/ me, I gave in, and bathe

But here comes Nimbus, ending your tease

So mercurial to embrace this Solstice.


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