Believe it or not, these are iPhone Snaps

I was using my iPhone 5 for two years . It was my cousin Rose who told me to name my iPhone. She believes that if we associate names to valued things, we will treat them with extra care. I do not believe, but I guess, I was too stressed to argue that time. I reluctantly followed. I instantly quipped that I will be calling my iPhone 5, “Neggy”. Neg in reference to its color (Others might have issues with the name. But hey, you dirty mind! No pun intended. “Neggy” is just so adorable of a name to let go.). Because of some minor problems, I had a couple of replacements from my network provider Smart. Thus came Negneg Jr. and Negneg III. I called the latest “Thirdy”.

In my ultra fast-paced work, Thirdy proved to be my best asset. Emails would run so swiftly should I need them. My Notes was my off-newsroom iNews. Scripting remotely on field was that easy. And the best thing about Thirdy was, she provided me with high quality photos and videos whenever I needed them for ambush field broadcast.

Believe it or not, I aired a lot of stories on national TV news  with some materials taken with my iPhone. The underwater videos, the money shots, in my favorite mini-documentary were shot with iPhone 5. Yes! The story came so unexpectedly. We have not secured a GoPro for the underwater shots. But I could not afford not to have cutaways underwater!  Thirdy was so game to impress. And we were not failed. After our initial preview of the videos, I was making punches in the air  and I was kissing Thirdy! The quality of image and the Natsot (natural sound) were brilliant!

I have also delighted my followers on Instagram with magnificent shots taken with Thirdy. I received a lot questions, flattering remarks like if I were using some sophisticated DSLR. From portrait shots, landscapes, macro, panorama, up to unmounted spur-of-the-moment shots, Thirdy never ceased to perform.

Now that I surrendered grandma Thirdy as she paves way to “Portia” , my iPhone 6, let me showcase 10 of my Favorite #NoFilter Snaps with grandma Thirdy. In case you missed it, #NoFilter! (I resized and added watermark, that’s just it!)

1) Inagta Sano Dancer. Buenavista, Bohol


2) Dew Date. Malolos, Bulacan


3) I love Hue. Palo, Leyte


4) Wrinkled. Pinatubo, Zambales


5) First Day Low, Tide. Bagangga, Davao Oriental


6) Bubble Wrap. Buguias, Benguet


7) Ode of a Faithful


8) Muffled Marches of the Brave. MacArthur Shrine, Leyte


9) Plunge for Purge. Masinloc, Zambales


10) Moistly Deserted. Bokod, Benguet




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