Romancing Sunsets

Sunset Poetography

Since this is Valentine’s Week, it is but high time to have “feels” and “hugot”. Whether taken, single or in a complicated status, we all love to join the bandwagon and get romantic this season. And perhaps the most cliche’d romantic outlets are poems and sunsets! I mean, who would not get very romantic and oh so poetic at the sight of breathtaking sunsets, right?

These poems are written at the very moment when I captured the accompanying sunset photo. Poetry moods depend on the elements present  in the picture. And a bit of a challenge to myself, I have to finish a poetry caption before the spectacle of colors totally fade. If one poem here reflects your heart’s current state, feel free to share!


Already Taken

(Bohol. 11-11-13)

Magenta, indigo and a tinge of lime
These always remind me that you’re not mine

The more that I’m told, the more that I want you
I’ll snatch you from that chink who owns hue.




(Zamboanga City. 10-13-13)

It’s the time of the day again.

When sunlight fights the night in vain.

Spill over your murky color, oh please gently

So I can feel this hue fight appeasingly

I know that we are halfway there

But I’ll meet you tomorrow, same time, somewhere.



Territorial Bae

Ilocos Sur (03-29-14)

Please. On my knees. Can I have some more time?

So I can let you hear my serenade in pompous rhyme.

With your sight, all of my worries now flee.
So don’t you flirt with anyone else but me.



Maiden in the Skies

(Zambales 05-20-14)

How can the prince, and not the damsel, be in distress?

But I like it when you tease to appease all thy stress

Can I have a night not without you maiden in the skies

For me to savor every pallet and tint of your elusive paradise.




(Davao Oriental. 06-01-13)

Your warm gentle hands cover my eyes

As I orgasmicly wait for your surprise

You say ‘one” but my eyes opened early on ‘Two’

Can’t keep myself from cheating on your sinful hue

(c) Makoi Popioco


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